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Fat and Chubby People are Nicer than Thin People According to Studies

Fat and Chubby People are Nicer Than Thin People According to Studies
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Don't you just hate it when people judge other people based on how they look? People who are more on the heavy side of the scale are always victims of this kind of discrimination. Although "fat" in general is not a bad word, it can still paint a wrong impression on people.


As cliche as it sounds, the impressions and judgement of people over fat people are nonsense as what matters most is what is on the inside.

Additionally, a recent study shows that "fat" people in general are nicer than thin or leaner people. In an experiment carried out to 20 fat men and 20 skinny men, it was found out that the fat men are more inclined to be nicer when giving out money than the skinny ones.

Skinny men are stingy?

Distractify reports that “lean men made less fair decisions and offered 16 percent less money than corpulent men.”

It is also said that the skinny men are more likely to give out money to their fellow skinny men. So it was implied that skinny men are judgy and skinny towards their bulkier counterparts.

Here is the researchers' conclusion:

“Our data shows that economic decision-making is affected by both the body weight of the participants and the body weight of their opponents, and that blood glucose concentrations should be taken into consideration when analysing economic decision-making.”

Goodbye stereotype

Accept it or not, there is this believable image that society projects on what is beautiful and not. Unfortunately, fat and tabby people do not fall in society's standard of pleasing.

After this German experiment, may people be more considerate in passing judgement because as it turned out, tabby people are even nicer than what society is telling us that are beautiful.

Now, go on and appreciate everybody that you know is on the bulky side of the scale.

Source: World of Buzz