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Insensitive netizen complains about local cafe for having blind and deaf employees

It is a known fact that people with disabilities still suffer from discrimination. Most times they are ridiculed and ostracized. They have a hard time being accepted in society.
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This unfortunate fact was highlighted recent in an incident that happened in a cafe that employed deaf and blind workers.

Restaurant had bad service because of pwds

A restaurant called Farron Cafe posted in their Facebook page an incident they had with a customer who complained about their service.

The customer called John said that he was disappointed of the service he received from the restaurant. He messaged the cafe through their Facebook page and said that they had bad service and that they did not have much customers because their servers cannot hear or see.

"So that's why no one buys from you guys, your employees at SM Valenzuela [mall] are blind and deaf. No one can see that someone's going purchase, and even if you say your order, no one can hear. Bad ban bad service," his message to Farron Cafe says in English and Filipino.

"I will also save the trouble for my friends and family to experience the same inconvenience. I came there as a customer, not as a donor of some charitable institutions," he added.

Farron Cafe clearly took offense of this and sought to clear out the misconception surrounding people with disabilities.

Awareness for PWDs

The Marketing group of the company decided to post on their page the hurtful and discriminatory message of John along with a response to the issue.

"We don't really receive these kinds of messages. That's why it breaks our hearts to find out that there is [that kind of person]."

They said that they wanted to take the opportunity to increase awareness of people with disabilities.

They said that people like John are unusually and it was heartbreaking to see a person like that.

They said that because of this incident, they are encouraged to hire even more people with disabilities in order to show that they are they same with the rest.

Netizens care

Some netizens have gone to defend Farron cafe and its employees.

Many have said that the servers there were the nicest they have known. Some also say that they want to keep coming back because the servers were always kind and understanding.

Some have even come to say that they want to encourage more restaurants to do the same and be more inclusive of other people, especially those who are special.

Source: Yahoo