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Sanggol, nabulag matapos kunan ng litrato gamit ang cellphone na may flash

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Newborn Baby Went Permanently Blind After a Family Friend Took A Photo of Him 

Babies are cute and adorable; we all know that. Just a bit curve of their lips gives us fulfillment and happiness after a tiring day.

Bearing irresistible cuteness, us adults had this urge to take pictures of them so that we could have something to look at when they grow. But little do we know that camera flash and innovative gadgets today inflict dangers to our babies?

A three-month-old baby, above, has been left blind after a family friend forgot to turn off the flash on a camera 
One life changed

Have you ever thought of the usual warning when visiting newborn babies? To turn off the camera flash when taking a picture of them? Probably some of us did. One newborn baby from China got his one eye blinded after a family friend took a picture of him. The so-called friend holds the phone ten inches away from the baby because he wants to take a closer photo of the baby.


Unfortunately, the family friend forgot to turn off the camera flash and capture the photo. In an instant, the parents of the baby noticed something unusual in regards to the baby’s vision right after the photo was taken. The story was featured at People’s Daily Online.

The strong flash has damaged cells on the macula, the part of the eye where incoming light rays are focused 
Worst, the left eye had reduced vision while the right eye got blinded permanently- such an unfortunate event for the innocent baby. According to the attending doctor, the camera flash caused permanent damage to the baby’s macula. When the kid reaches the age of four, the damage inflicted in the macula might cause damage to the central vision.

Warning to parents 

According to eye experts, babies are vulnerable to strong lights; hence keep in mind not only camera flash but strong lights from the bathroom during bath. There are no released statement from the parents if they will make a move to sue the family friend who caused heartbreaking unfortunate to their child.

Source: Daily Mail, Elite Readers