Sharon Cuneta Inaming Malapit Na Niyang Mabayaran ang Mahigit Kalahating Bilyong Utang - The Daily Sentry

Sharon Cuneta Inaming Malapit Na Niyang Mabayaran ang Mahigit Kalahating Bilyong Utang

Sharon Cuneta Malapit Nang Mabayaran ang Halos Kalahating Bilyong Utang
Sharon Cuneta, photo from Cosmo

Megastar Sharon Cuneta Admits She Had More Than Half A Billion Debt

People have the notion that celebrities are super rich people that is why it always comes as a shock when a star admits that he or she has been in debt. Just like what happened when Megastar Sharon Cuneta shared that she is currently recovering from more than half a billion debt.

The rumors are true

Last May 2017, after her cryptic bankrupt post on Instagram, rumors have been spreading that she is on the verge of bankruptcy for having a massive debt.

“I was really sad and I didn’t know what to do and I had a big-big-big utang… when I say utang, I think I never told you the exact amount - it was over half a billion! And now I’m down to couple of hundreds of million. So, I’m fine. I was able to pay that back because of smart investing in the past. So that was how big my problems were. So down a few hundred. And I’m working. But I’m okay. I’ve invested so it’s just a matter of managing..”

Down and depressed

During that time, she became known in social media because she would fight back every negative comment and would post about everything.

Until she realized that she didn’t want to be like that and she needed to fix that. According to her, she went back to God and refocused on Him. She started paying less attention to those that she can’t control, and everything just became considerably lighter.

“So parang, ‘Ba’t ako nagkaganito?’ Magmula sa Twitter na hindi ako sanay, ba’t ako pumapatol? Parang anong nagawa ko? Anong nangyari? You know, sa madaling salita, when I refocused on God who’s bigger that all the problem this world can throw my way, I refocused on Him, I said I surrendered everything.”

Good things came

After she refocused on God, everything went lighter and everything became considerable okay. She is doing fine and she is on her way to being debt-free.