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Robin Padilla slams netizen who wants to report Mariel to US gov't

Robin Padilla, for the action star that he is, is not the type who would take something sitting down. Especially if that something aggravates the rights of the people he loves.

This seemed to be the case after the fierce celebrity did not let the netizen's threatening comment pass by.

In one of the Instagram posts of Robin's wife, Mariel Padilla, a netizen with the username georg_supreme commented, threatening the Kapamilya artist.

Since Mariel does not live in the US, she's not allowed to be there just to give birth, according to the intruder's comment, tagging @realdonaldtrump in his comment.
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In another comment, he said Filipino celebrities are so "pretentious" and "hypocritical" that they do it for them to display later when they get back home that their babies were privileged and were born in the US.
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While others flooded the said netizen's post, slamming the latter about his weird remark, the very own comment of Mariel's husband stood out.

Reading the previous statements of the meddling netizen, the patriotic actor certainly lost his cool, causing him to cuss at the netizen.

In Padilla's comment, he asked the netizen of his whereabouts as he cursed.
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The meddler then replied, providing his location, to which Robin challenged the netizen to meet him face to face.
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Source: KAMI