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Tapat na tricycle driver, nagsoli ng bag na may lamang P180K na pera at cellphone

Honest Tryke Driver Returns Bag With P180k And Cellphones

A 35-year old tricycle driver from Roxas City, Capiz is now being lauded after he did a good Samaritan act and returned a bag full of cash to the proper owner.


Melvin Lumbo Aguro is just riding his tricycle and servicing passengers like a normal day when he found a bag that was left at the passengers' seat. He immediately got the attention of the last passenger that alighted but they told him that the bag was not theirs.

When he opened it, he was shocked to find P180,000 along with three cellphones and a pocket wifi.

Determined to do the right thing, he went straight to the police station where he found the original owner and her companion already complaining about the incident. It turned out, they had another tricycle driver that they thought was the one they rode because they didn't remember.

Tricycle driver Melvin Aguro of Roxas City, Capiz returns bag full of cash, cellphones and pocket wifi to its rightful owner.
“The owner and her companions were already at the police station, together with a certain tricycle driver whom they suspected to be the one they hired and got the bag of money. They have entirely forgotten what tricycle they rode,” 

The owner refused to be identified, but the moment she saw Aguro, she hugged and thanked him for returning the bag to her. 

Not the first time

It turned out that it was not the first time that this happened to Aguro. This has happened several times but this was the largest sum of money he found and returned.

He has been driving for 15 years and he believes that small or big, anything that is not his should be returned.

“I always think that the money might be needed by the owner for an emergency or hospitalization. It is not mine, and I need to return it,” he said.

Source: Iloilo Today