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A teacher's open letter to Raffy Tulfo: "Bunch of people have been very disappointed with you"

Teacher Gladyz Artjane Quilab Flores and Raffy Tulfo
The story of teacher Melita Limjuco continues to make rounds on social media. In fact, the involved teacher is gaining more and more sympathy to the majority of netizens.

Just like this netizen who is also a teacher by profession, wrote an open letter addressed to Raffy Tulfo and the Bañez family.

In the said letter, Gladyz Artjane Quilab Flores, pointed out that many people are now disappointed with Raffy Tulfo because of the outcome of the episode.

Read her full open letter below:

Open Letter to MR. RAFFY TULFO & To the Bañez Family

I do appreciate this show of yours, Sir, for I have seen that this has become an avenue for many problematic Filipinos. You've been like their Knight and shinning armor. But watching like 10 vids minimum a day, I would say that, whether you admit it or not, you've also committed misjudgments. Just like the latest episode which involved Teacher Melita. But you know what, that incident should not erased all the good things you've done for the many Filipino people.

Same is true with what happened with Teacher Mel. Most likely, before this incident happened, she have inspired hundreds and thousands of pupils for almost 30 years as an elementary teacher. There might have been those who have chosen to become a teacher because of her.

Bunch of people have been very disappointed with you, Mr. Tulfo, because as far as our frame of reference's concern, you've spared great number of people, too, who actually deserved to be put beyond bars for criminal cases but you were able to convince the complainants to be considerate! We (majority in the teaching profession) have expected you to at least give Teacher Mel the benefit of the doubt and didn't initiate more friction coming from the "Loving Parents" of the child. We have expected you to be more than giving just an irrational judgement.

Bañez Family, please bear in mind that a character of a child is being molded at home and is just being reinforced in school. You should have explained to your child that what happened (him, being reprimanded) was just part of the teacher's style in disciplining pupils most especially that they are expected to handle not less than a hundred of pupils a day in school. Teachers tend to be justifiably tough to their pupils because it is the key to their authentic success. This is when they become good-hearted people in their near future for they become EDUCATED HUMANS, NOT EDUCATED ROBOTS OR MONSTERS! Parents and teachers are supposed to work hand in hand because nothing can beat that kind of tandem whatever endeavor the children might face.

To the teachers, let us consider this incident as a test in OUR profession. WE should be strengthen by this. Our visions and goals might have been shaken by Mr. Raffy Tulfo but we should not forget that more is expected from us. WE have to continue educating young minds to do away from the possibility that they might become irrational beings after they have received their diplomas! Let's prove to these people that TEACHING IS STILL THE NOBLIEST PROFESSION, NOT THE SCARIEST ONE, BECAUSE OF TULFO IN ACTION!

Source: Gladyz Artjane Quilab Flores / Facebook