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American mother proudly raises three sons with ‘the Filipino way of life.’

It is said that many Filipinos have this ‘American Dream’ of completely foregoing the Filipino way of life in lieu of greener pastures elsewhere. Indeed, it is no longer surprising when friends, classmates, and even relatives migrate abroad, and you suddenly have to bid them goodbye.
Amber Folkman and her family / Photo credit to the author

For American blogger and mother Amber Folkman, however, the Filipino way of life and culture is something she strives for. She was born in California and raised with American values, but when it was her turn to raise her three sons, she said she really wanted to raise them “the Filipino way.”

Now that Amber’s three sons have grown, she is proud of the fruits of their Filipino upbringing (the kids were all raised in Manila). As far as she is concerned, there is nothing to hate about out beloved country:
Photo credit to the author
Photo credit to the author

Besides having an endless summer, the best mangoes in the world and the most fun modes of transportation, the Philippines is where my boys have learned valuable life lessons that I hope will guide them through the rest of their lives. We predominantly have an American culture in our home, but outside we embrace everything that is Filipino,” Amber wrote in her blog.
Photo credit to the author

Amber Folkman revealed she completely agrees with the slogan ‘It’s more fun in the Philippines’. More than anything else, she is glad about the kind of family values her sons grew up with — after all, strong family ties are some of the best things that make Filipinos, well, Filipinos:

A Filipino’s commitment to family and community is incomparable. My heart soars when I hear my sons refer to any adult as ‘Kuya’ or ‘Ate’ — it is so endearing. It has been such a comfort to be enveloped by neighbors, friends, and yayas who treat you as part of their family.

“Since we live so far from our relatives, this has been instrumental in our happiness and growth in Manila. My kids never want for attention because they have a doting ‘tita’ or ‘tito’ waiting to tickle or ‘kurot’ their cheeks at any given moment,” Amber explained.

Netizens are of course impressed with Amber Folkman’s family and how they regard the Filipino way of life:

Source: Filipino News