Veteran Singer Hinikayat ang Publiko na Agarang i-Report kung may natanggap na Pagbabanta sa Social Media - The Daily Sentry

Veteran Singer Hinikayat ang Publiko na Agarang i-Report kung may natanggap na Pagbabanta sa Social Media

Jim Paredes | Photo credit to GMA Network
On Tuesday, November 12, 2019, Jim Paredes urged the public to immediately report any threats, or swearing in social media if ever they will received such.

In a tweet by the veteran singer, who is also a former member of an iconic trio, Apo Hiking Society, he specifically mentioned Twitter that according to him acts promptly to each complaints he reports. 

“Pls report anyone who threatens, curses, bulli3s or insults you.

“Twitter immediately acts on such reports and forces them to erase tweets or closes accounts within a few hours.”,
Paredes wrote. 

Tweet of Paredes | Credit to his Twitter account

Although it is uncertain as to what or who the singer, is referring to in his tweet, some of the singer's followers in Twitter assumes that it is based on his personal experience.

It was said that on November 4, Paredes posted about a threat he received from a man and shared it in Twitter.

The veteran singer's tweet included a screenshot of the man's private message on Facebook threatening to slap Paredes' face on the wall on the off chance that they will meet.

"Brad no joke kung ako makakita sa yo sa labas pahiya ka sa kin sigurado yon. Ihahamapas ko face mo sa pader", the man said.

Screenshot of  Paredes tweet | Credit to his Twitter account

According to Paredes, he immediately reported it to twitter's officials and after a few hours, he then received a quick response to the threat of violence against him.

Twitter thereupon made their investigation and allegedly locked the account of the man for breaking their rules.

Likewise, Twitter assertedly reminded that the said account does have the option to take the actions they have requested to have their account unlocked, such as deleting the recommended tweet, limiting user account features, and updating specific information to the account.

And with that being said, Twitter allegedly thanked Paredes and urged the latter to continue reporting any potential violations.

Reports also said that this is not the first time the veteran singer has received an online threat, because it was October 2014 when the latter received a threat on Facebook in connection with his comment on the controversial property in Batangas by then Vice President Jejomar Binay.

Anyhow, Paredes allegedly reported the said threat before to the Philippine National Police (PNP).

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