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Ang madamdaming mensahe ng isang Mindanaoan tungkol sa nangyayaring lindol

Gigi Gonzales Talion
Kamakailan ay niyanig ng sunud-sunod na lindol ang Mindanao na nagbunga ng matinding perwisyo sa maraming lugar sa isla.

Si Gigi Gonzales Talion, na tubong Davao City ang nagbahagi ng kanyang saloobin tungkol sa mga nangyaring lindol sa Mindanao.

Ayon sa kanya, ang mga taga Mindanao ay matatag at sama-samang nagtutulungan para sa isat-isa sa ganitong pagkakataon.

Eto ang kanyang buong mensahe na nakapost sa kanyang Facebook account:

We in Mindanao have been dealing with high magnitudes/intensities of earthquakes 16 days now from whence it started in Tulunan, North Cotabato. Since then, countless of aftershocks have been felt and recorded. Twice this week, 2 major quakes were reported. And yet, the rest of the country is quiet. No pray for Mindanao. No help for Mindanao. No telethons. No big splashes on tv. No celebrity endorsers. Di kasi Paris or New York or London ang hurting. Mindanao lang kasi. Mindanao, which has fed, has been feeding and will continue to feed the nation, by way of its natural resources, raped by opportunists and great businesses.

Yes, that Mindanao. That forgotten region.

That Mindanao, Davao in particular, which extends help even to far flung Baguio, when that area was in trouble. That Davao, whose then Mayor was first to ARRIVE in that forsaken town Tacloban, ahead of those bastards from Manila who went there for photo ops and sarcastic remarks. Yes, that Davao, whose then Mayor, now President, has always been there first in times of calamities to help, to give aid, or even to cry with the victims. Yes, that mayor, that Davao, that Mindanao.

Thus, I say to all who care to read this - we Mindanaoans are resilient. We are strong. We are self-reliant. We are always together in good times and in bad. We do not need those telethons because we help our own. We have not been raised as beggars. We have pride. We do not whine. We do not back down from a fight. We are God's children, because in all of these, we still have land to run to when our buildings, homes and livelihood fall apart. We do not count the dead, we value them because they are few. We value the living and we take care of them. We do not need celebrity endorsers to help us. We just need our leaders to guide us, to fight for us, to be there for us.

Yes, we are not New York, London or Paris. We are Davao. We are Mindanao.

When this too shall come to pass, we will remain standing, steadfast and proud. Kayo, can you say the same for your region?

Source: Gigi Gonzales Talion / Facebook