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Call Center Trainer, pinaliwanag kung bakit hindi maaaring tumigil ang kanilang operasyon

Bukod sa health workers o supermarket employees na patuloy ang pagtatrabaho sa gitna ng panganib na dala ng coronavirus, tuloy-tuloy din ang pagkayod ng mga empleyadong nagta-trabaho sa mga call center o BPO.

Dahil dito, madami ang naglabas ng kanilang opinyon sa social media na kinekwestyon kung bakit hindi magawang huminto pansamantala ng mga kumpanyang nasa BPO industry.

Sa isang Facebook post, ipinaliwanag ng isang call center employee kung bakit hindi ito magawa ng mga kumpanyang katulad nila.

Narito ang kanyang matapang na pahayag:

Unpopular opinion on BPOs being still in operation during the quarantine: companies are considering and trying to compensate everyone the best they can. Behind the scene, managers and leaders are struggling to make snappy decisions that could affect the long term employment of thousands of people. BPOs may be huge companies, but millions of pesos are lost by the minute when people don't show up. Millions are also lost when people leave for good. BPOs don't call the shots - - they answer to clients that could pull out anytime, and they also answer to employees who can just find a better opportunity.

It is a tough balancing act. Behind that are managers who get accused as self-serving, even as they choose to take time to address employees' concerns when they could have comfortably locked themselves for 30 days because they can literally afford to, all the while trying to manage and reason with clients who also have businesses to run. There are those mid-managers who work double shifts to keep things together even as their own families are out there without them, and team managers who also don't have cars but still go to work because their teams need them.

Sure, some of them have it better. But the bottom line is, everyone's making sacrifices, but some people need to be the bad cops so that when this is all over, there will still be jobs waiting for their people and millions to contribute to the PH economy. The bad cops of BPO are people, too. They're doing their part the best way they can. I know because I've seen it with my eyes.

So to our dear BPO frontliners, we want to thank you for all your efforts and sacrifices, but I also hope that we can be a bit more patient as we try to find the right balance between keeping you safe and keeping the business afloat for you and your family.

It's easy to be blinded by fear and panic when lives are on the line, but in this pandemic, we're all affected. No exceptions.