Phil. Heart Center Doctor on Covid19: "Our hearts are broken, but our faith remains full and firm.." - The Daily Sentry

Phil. Heart Center Doctor on Covid19: "Our hearts are broken, but our faith remains full and firm.."

Photo credit to Dr. Paula Erika Reyes' Facebook account
In the midst of the worldwide spread of Coronavirus Disease or Covid 19, our beloved doctors and nurses continue to work tirelessly to meet and perform their duties despite the danger and threat they are facing with the said pandemic.

They are among the fearless frontliners who are leading the war against the virus, that in spite of being at the high risk of exposure to the it, decide to set their fears aside to the best of their ability, because as per them, they made this commitment and oath to promote and enable health and to provide care to those in need.

Photo credit to Dr. Paula Erika Reyes' Facebook account
Indeed, they are the true heroes of this fight, risking their lives everyday, together with other workers and employers, the soldiers and policemen who ensures the safety of the nation amidst this trial that the world is facing.

With all these scares encompassing the world today, a doctor from the Philippines, shared a very inspiring post on Facebook, expressing not her fear, but her appreciation, for all the love and support they are allegedly getting from not just their family and friends, but from strangers who are good samaritans as well.

Screenshot of Dr. Paula Erika Reyes' post | Credit to her Facebook account

The doctor's name is Paula Erika Reyes from Philippine Heart Center. She is actually posting to let other people know that they appreciate all the supports and concerns others are giving them, hence, asking also for prayers for those under quarantine and those who are already sick and in critical condition.

She likewise shared some photos of her with co-doctors and nurses on duty, some donations from good samaritans and letters from concern citizens.

Photo credit to Dr. Paula Erika Reyes' Facebook account

Photo credit to Dr. Paula Erika Reyes Facebook account
Read her very heartwarming and inspiring post below:

Day 3 of #COVID19 Pandemic
(Created yesterday 3.14.2020)

This morning as we prepared to go to work, we had this fear — fear of the uncertain, the indefinite, the unknown. But we were greeted by smiling security guards, vibrant nurses and aids, courteous and diligent house keepers. Then throughout the day love poured in with heartwarming messages, labors of love, and acts of generosity from strangers, good samaritans, our consultants, our friends and families, and even grade schoolers. We appreciate everything. Thank you po!

There are things and areas and situations we can not disclose in our posts. This is to acknowledge the unseen efforts of medical and non-medical staff who have answered to this call of duty. We do not wish to be glorified by this job, we only wish to do it well.

Now we ask for your understanding, and for your cooperation.Take care of yourselves because spread begins and ends in our hands.

Not forgetting to ask for your prayers for our colleagues/brothers who are in critical condition and those under quarantine. Our hearts are broken, but our faith remains full and firm.

Salamat po sa lahat ng nagpadala ng concerns and words of encouragement, esp to our families, it means alot to us."

Dr. Paula Erika Reyes | Credit to her Facebook account

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