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The reason behind the transformation of Michael Jackson's physical appearance, revealed

Michael Jackson was indeed one the most famous artist and entertainer in the 20th
century. Through stage and video performances, he popularized complicated dance techniques such as the 'moonwalk', to which he gave the name. But up until now, many still wonder about the reason behind the transformation in his physical appearance.

— He was diagnosed on a lupus and it caused a butterfly rashes and other symptoms.

— He decided to wore a makeup and cream to hide those lupus.

— He was suffering a skin disease called "vitiligo" — his great grandfather has a vitiligo, and Micheal got those genes, that destroyed the pigmentation on his skin and it was spread throughout the body.

— All of sudden, he noticed that the vitiligo was already spreading on his face. Ps. He never use any whitening products to become white, so stop saying that he exert something such glutathione, it's a false information.

— During his Pepsi Commercial, his scarf accidentally stricken by fire.

— He was quickly brought into the hospital, but it was hard to go outside, because there were a lot of people/fans around them.

— The damage on his head was 3rd degree burn and it caused by a permanent hair loss.
Ps. The injury also permanent on his head

— After the operation, he finally decided to used a wheelchair since he wanted to visit peoples in different rooms.

— Eventhough he was on pain, he still choose to visit people to saw their situation, and he donated the money he earned from Pepsi commercial on the hospital, he was totally generous.

— He used to wore some different wigs and extension to cover up the damage on his head since the accident.

— This is the result of his head injury, it looks normal that he was wearing a hat/fedora but behind that, he just wanted to cover up the injury on his head with the used of wigs and extension.

— From afro to long hair

— His nose become smaller due to nose job since he breathe difficult. He didn't wanted to did that, but he doesn't have any choice.

— Second nose job after the year. Anyway, did you noticed the makeup? Why is he wearing a makeup? It is because he need to cover up the vitiligo and lupus on his face.

— This is all the result of vitiligo, lupus, makeup, wig and nose job. There is no more surgery.

— He was bitten by his own spider.

— He was allergic to the sun, this is the reason why he usually likes to wear a jacket and mask especially when he goes outside.

— We can see the pain on his eyes maybe because he suffered a lot.

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