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Maxene Magalona, biglang napaiyak habang nagme-meditate

Napaiyak ang Kapamilya aktres na si Maxene Magalona habang nagme-medidate dahil umano sa nararamdamang “sakit” at bigat sa kanyang dibdib.
Maxene Magalona / Photo credit to the owner

Sa kanyang Instagram, ibinahagi ni Maxene ang kanyang litrato na may kasamang caption tungkol sa kanyang naramdaman matapos mabasa ang isang libro.

Aniya, habang nagme-meditate ay bigla na lamang niyang naramdaman na tumutulo na pala ang luha mula sa kanyang mga mata.

“I cried pretty hard during my meditation this morning. I was so deep in my practice that I could really feel the pain and heaviness in my chest.
Maxene Magalona / Photo credit: maxenemagalona IG
Maxene Magalona / Photo credit: maxenemagalona IG

“The pain was sharp and intense but still bearable. I stayed calm. Even when the tears started to come, I gently breathed my way through the process,” pahayag ni Maxene.

“I read in the book #TheUntetheredSoul by @michael_a.singer that when this happens, when the heart is finally releasing stored pain and it feels as though there is a burning sensation around it, we should just relax and release.
Photo credit to the owner
Maxene Magalona / Photo credit to the owner

“We should relax our shoulders, soften our chest and release the negative energy by allowing it to pass through the heart. There is a burning sensation because this release is a form of purification that happens when you are ready to face and feel the pain.

“There is no turning back. Instead of running away from my pain, I sat with it quietly and allowed myself to feel it no matter how difficult it was.

“I breathed and prayed my way through it. It was as if I was becoming the pain. The kind of pain that stems all the way from childhood,” dagdag pa niya.
Maxene Magalona / Photo credit to the owner

Sa huling bahagi ng kanyang IG post, sinabi ni Maxene na napakalaki raw ng nagawa sa kanya ng taimtim na pagdarasal sa Diyos. 

Nagbigay rin siya ng mensahe sa lahat ng mga taong nakakaramdam din ng na-experience niya.

“Today, I made peace with my pain by allowing myself to feel it and surrender everything to God in prayer. In doing so, I get to validate and honor my own emotions. I get to cradle my soul lovingly as I hold space for my humanness and embrace the glorious mess that I am.

“If you are reading this post, this is an invitation to feel your feelings today and everyday. Don’t be scared to face your inner struggles because on the other side of pain is pleasure and play.

“It will only hurt for a while but once you accept and embrace pain, life becomes so much lighter and clearer.

“Feel free to feel your feelings,” mensahe pa ni Maxene.