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Magtataho Braved The Rainy Weather To Give Free Taho To His Sukis on Christmas

Photo compiled from Anita Lescano Beato / Facebook
Christmas season is the time for giving. It may be in the form love or gifts but it is nonetheless a time where generosity of people are more expressed.

Just like this taho vendor who roamed the rainy streets even on Christmas season, not to sell taho, but to spread the Christmas vibe and give out his taho for free, as a way to thank his customers.

Almost Christmas

On December 23, Facebook user Anita Lescano Beato shared how they saw a taho vendor roaming around their home despite the downpour. She felt pity for the man since it was raining and he still needs to earn a living, not to mention it is almost Christmas.

Photo credit: Anita Lescano Beato / Facebook
It was when she tried to buy taho that she realized she was one of the lucky recipients of this vendor’s free taho.

Give back

It turned out that it was the man’s way of giving back to his customers for helping him earn money throughout the year.

Photo credit: Anita Lescano Beato / Facebook
Photo credit: Anita Lescano Beato / Facebook
Isn’t it nice to hear stories like this? For sure, his loyal customers will continue to support him next year, and those who met him for the first time and got a free taho will be regular customers next year.

Photos and post

Beato shared photos on Facebook along with a caption that says:

“Si kuyang nagtataho akala ko naglalako kahit na umuulan. Namigay lang pala ng taho para pamasko sa mga suki niya...

Talagang nagpakahirap siya kahit na umuulan para lang mabigyan ng pamaskong taho ang mga tao.

Merry Christmas kuya...



We all know who physically challenging selling products in the streets is. It is amazing that a person such as this taho vendor, despite getting tired and despite the rain, decided to give out his “gift” to his loyal customers. What a lovely thing to do indeed.


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