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Arnel Ignacio and Raffy Tulfo Accepted The Deportation Challenge of ‘OFW Kabit’

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Charlie Lozada, a tricycle driver together with his 5 kids came up to Wanted Sa Radyo, Raffy Tulfo’s program to seek help regarding his Saudi-based OFW wife who is allegedly having an affair with a Pinoy engineer in Saudi Arabia.

Illicit Affair 

Sheerlyn Gerasta, wife of Charlie went overboard after declaring that she chooses her new boyfriend over her family after her eldest son makes her choose between the two parties.
Tulfo’s team were able to contact Edwin “Kimpoy” Madredio, an engineer from Saudi who is being linked to Sheerlyn. Long before, Charlie made pleas to Edwin to break off his relationship with his wife. But then, he ended up being challenged by his wife’s lover to have them deported if he has “brains.”

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Challenge Accepted 

Raffy found the insult offensive for the poor man. Instead of being sincere and grounded, Edwin even turns more boastful and full of pride which irked Arnel Ignacio, OWWA Deputy administrator. He felt empathy for the 5 kids who are crying on the booth and to the helpless father trying to get back his wife. He then threatens to use all his connections to find the location of the two having illicit affairs and have the deported and jailed.

Push Through Deportation Plan 

Ignacio says that people like Sheerlyn and Edwin were the kinds that ruin the reputation of Filipino OFWs in general. Arnel promised Charlie to give all the help he needs in order to have the two deported. Raffy seconded and plead to help too with all the necessary actions needed. On the other hand, Sheerlyn seems to have no plans of fixing her family issue despite her kids asking for.

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Awaiting Deportation 

In the end, Tulfo still asks Charlie if he is willing to compromise or push through the case against the two. The driver insists of pushing through the claim as he does not see sincerity and willingness from them. He chose to deal with Edwin’s challenge.