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Teenager Becomes Paralyzed For Selling His Kidney To Buy An iPhone

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It is a never-ending battle when people chooses between their “wants” and “needs”. Most of the time, their penchant for choosing the wrong thing for their life remains harmless. However, there are times that they endanger themselves by “wanting” to have what they can’t.

Cool kid

Take this 25-year-old man from China, only known as Wang, who learned his lesson the hard way. When he was just 17, he wanted so badly to be the cool kid in school. But he knows that his parents wouldn’t be able to afford it so he found a way to feed his desperation.

He found a middleman in the internet who helped him sell his right kidney. He got 2528 Euros which he immediately used to buy an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2 in 2011.


In April 2011, he had traveled from Anhui Province to meet his middleman who introduced him to two surgeons. His travels were discreet because his parents cannot know.

The clinic where the operation was done turned out to be uncertified and a major threat to the boy’s life.

Before going back to their hometown, he immediately bought the gadgets he desperately sought for.

The authorities

When his mom asked where he got it, that’s when he admitted that he sold a kidney, His mom immediately called the police. In April 2012, nine people who were involved with the case including the two surgeons and 3 middlemen were charged by public prosecutors in the city of Chenzhou.

The middlemen were jailed for five years and the surgeons for two. The Wang family got 1.47 yuan as compensation.


Seven years after the operation, Wang is surely regretting his actions. It turned out, his other kidney is not healthy, or it wasn’t able to take the shock. Wang had renal failure and had to undergo regular dialysis. Later on, he became disabled because of the infections he incurred from the operations.

Source: dailymail.co.uk