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Isang Nigerian na Naubusan ng Pera, Tinulungan at Pinakain ng Mga Pulis

Photo from Tahimik at Mapayapa Facebook Page
Nigerian National Helped And Fed By Policemen In Checkpoint

The police force are always in the middle of controversies. May it be because of their sternness or because of some operations that have gone awry, their conduct and actions are always getting watched by people.

Serve and protect

While it cannot be denied that there are policemen who take advantage of their positions, there are still those who take it to heart what the vowed when they started. To serve and protect, they said, then to serve and protect, they do.

Tahimik at Mapayapa Facebook page recently shared a post from PNP Mandaluyong, where policemen were more than ready to help those who are in need, and even go over and beyond just to make sure the one they helped is ok.

Good deed indeed

According to the post that is from a policeman's point of view, his commander PCapt. Antonio M. Galuran Jr. was approached by a Nigerian National who identified himself as Derek Mba, 22 years old and in need of help.

Photo from Tahimik at Mapayapa Facebook Page
It was said that Derek doesn't have money anymore to go to the United Church of Christ in Quezon City and was wondering if the policemen can help him. Without second thoughts, the commander and his troops chipped in so they can give Derek money to go on his way.

Not only that, before they left, they even brought Derek to a nearby eatery so he can eat without using the money that they gave him.

Snappy salute

This proud policeman's recount of his commander's good deed is really a breath of fresh air for us. A snappy salute to all the men in uniform who are willing to extend their hand to everyone who needs help. Thank your for not being afraid to extend above and beyond just to help those in need.

God bless you all.

Source: Tahimik at Mapayapa Facebook Page