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Heartbreaking na Excuse Letter ng Isang Estudyanteng Umabsent Dahil Walang Makain

Actual na excuse letter | litarto ni Jen Dullente
A Heartbreaking Excuse Letter From A Student Not Having Any Food To Eat Goes Viral

A heartbreaking excuse letter is now making rounds on social media. The said letter is from a poor mother whose child has been absent for three days already because they don't have anything to eat.

Lending a hand

The said letter was posted by a public school teacher named Jen Dullente. She teaches at Bugo National High School in Cagayan de Oro. One of her students has been absent for three days and went back to school with an excuse letter that really tugged her heart.

In the letter, the mother wrote that they didn't have rice to eat because the student's father wasn't able to drive sikad, which seem to be their main source of income.

According to Teacher Jen, this is the reason why she became a teacher. To lend a hand to her students who need it.

"That’s why I choose to be a teacher: to lend a hand to students like them and make them perceive that poverty is not a wall to break but an opportunity to climb and see what’s lies behind,"

The letter says:

"Please excuse my son for being absent for 3 days because he has no rice to eat his father cannot drive sikad. Thank you for your consideration."

Poverty in the Philippines

As some people in the comments are calling out the teacher for posting something that is supposed to be personal and private, more of them are calling out to these people to just focus on the real problem, which is poverty.

A lot of Filipino families especially in the province are living a life of poverty. Majority of these family literally do not have anything to eat for the day if they don't earn anything for the business.

In this family's case, the father is not able to work and drive sikad, so they didn't have any income for those days, resulting to them not having anything to eat, and the kid not going to school.

Source: Jen Dullente / Facebook