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Homeless man who speaks fluent english while begging for food turns out to be former Ateneo and UP professor

Netizen Faith “Faye” Ares posted on her Facebook account about her encounter with a homeless man who begged her for food while speaking fluent English.
Faith “Faye” Ares and Mr. Jansen Locsin / Photo from Facebook

Ares was kind enough to invite the man over to eat at a Jollibee nearby where she got to talk to him.

According to her, the homeless man was named Jansen Locsin who graduated from Ateneo de Manila and was a professor at Ateneo and University of the Philippines.
Faith “Faye” Ares and Mr. Jansen Locsin / Photo from Facebook

He says that he went to Cebu for his business but unfortunately became bankrupt and had no means to go back to his hometown, Bacolod.

Ares said that she had quite a pleasant conversation with Locsin who told her about his major, economics, and the various schools in Cebu.

After their conversation and meal, Ares was kind enough to give Locsin a bottle of water and 100 pesos so he can buy food the next time he gets hungry.
Screencap from Faith “Faye” Ares Facebook post
Screencap from Faith “Faye” Ares Facebook post

Ending her post, Ares calls on her Facebook friends and concerned netizens to help Locsin go back to his home and contact his family. 

Read her full post below:

"Yesterday at 2 pm, while I'm ambling inside emall, I'm confused whether I'll have my lunch in chowking or jollibee. And then later on, an old man approached me and said fluently, "Miss, I'm sorry but I have to tell you something. Please don't get mad. And Sorry to bother you but I'm not gonna ask for money, I'll be asking for food to eat 'coz I'm hungry." I was in shocked for a minute, not because he is a stranger but because he speaks eloquently in english. I was touched by looking at how helpless the old man is. And then I told tatay in respond, "Ok tay, let's go there." (pointing jollibee) And tatay said, "really?". I could see on tatays face the joy he felt during that time, his face was brightened and started to have teary-eye. I told tatay to seek for a table for the two of us while I'm lining up for our order. After a minute,  (medyo nadugay kay taas ang linya) tatay came to me and said, "I thought I've lost you already." (awwee :( luoy kaayo as in) You could really see the genuine heart of the old man and I pity him much for that :( 

While we are eating, we've talked a lot about him. Knowing me, I keep asking tons of questions about tatay. Surprisingly, tatay graduated in Ateneo Manila, he took up economics and was teaching in UP and in Ateneo. He was from Bacolod and his family was there. He got no wife and children. He only have two sister, his father passed away already but her mother is still alive. Tatay is already 70 years old. He came in Cebu for his business which is foreign exchange until everything went wrong on his business and got bankrupt. He went to the Cathedral to ask help from the priest to ask some fund in order for him to go back in his home in Manila either by plane or by ship but unfortunately, the priest were not there. We even talked about some things, he asked me if I'm still studying. And I told him "Yes, I'm already in college." He told me to study well for education is very important. I admire tatays wittiness and he told me many things about economics. I was amazed of tatays sharp memory and with his fluent english. He also told me about University of San Carlos, and was comparing it to University of San Jose Recoletos. He told me many things that I could not share. He even know about Mayor Tommy Osmeña and they were friends daw way back before in Manila. I told him why not ask help to Mayor, but he hesitated because he doesn't want than Mayor will see him as helpless as like that because everything has changed already daw. He also worked in USC a long time ago, but unfortunately, the faculties were not accommodating and things went wrong with him since baguhan lang daw siya nun. Tatay's name is Jansen Locsin. He really wanted to go home in his place in Bacolod. I was really touched by tatay for he remind me of my lolo, (pinangga kaayo nako akong lolo, he is still alive and couldn't imagine if I'll lost him same as my bereaved father 😥😥)

After we dine in jollibee, we went outside and I gave tatay a bottled water and a hundred peso, a simple help and little things do matter a lot. Tatay jansen is very hesitant to accept the money, but I told him that I wanted to help even in small amount and I apologized to tatay because that is only what I could give him since 2 hundred nlng ang nahabilin sa akong kwarta, and since student pako and got no work yet 😥 But Tatay was very happy, and was again in teary-eye. We waved and bid goodbye to each other, and before I left, he asked my number because he wanted to thank me before he leaves in Cebu. He'll pray for me always daw for I was so kind and generous, and he didn't expect that I would eat with him, talk with him just like ordinary person and helped him in little ways. My heart was shattered into pieces while seeing tatay jansen waving goodbye to me while I'm already inside the jeep (padung ko north terminal, my mo uli ko sa amoa sa Catmon) Ug bisag layo na ang jeep, sige lang gihapon ug wave si tatay nako with his helpless smile. 😥

If pwede palang adoption si tatay, why not Nidot kaayo sa pamati ang makatabang bisag ginagmay lang. No return in exchange. So please, if ever you know tatay and his family in Bacolod. Please tell his family that he needs help and he really wanna go home. He is living currently near SM with an old man also. I pray for tatays safety and good health, and that he'll be with his family as soon as possible. See you soon tay. "

Source: Facebook