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Poem delivered by a young student brings netizen into tears

A video of a young student that brings netizen into tears are now spreading in social media and this video includes a poem for Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW).
Akeelah Julia Dela Cruz / Photo credit to the owner

She chooses to recite this kind of poem because she is a child of an OFW and been longing to with her father and the poem is not only for her father but she also dedicates it to all OFW out there.

When she started, it was noticed that the young student was nervous. However, she ends up her delivery with a powerful and tear jerking moment for everyone.

Akeelah Julia Dela Cruz entitled her speech as "OFW", she started by telling how difficult to be an OFW.

"OFW, minsan ang tingin ng iba sa kanila masaya, dahil lagi silang masaya sa harap ng maraming tao," she narrated.

She even defined that despite the looks you see in their faces behind it was sadness, hardships and longing for their love ones. Also, she shared how strong the OFW was, when they are away because they have a family to  provide for.

Sometimes they also need to tell lies, and this their way to tell their families that they are okay but in reality they're not.

Watch the video below: