Traffic enforcer praised for a job well done: "Sana lahat ng traffic enforcer kagaya mo" - The Daily Sentry

Traffic enforcer praised for a job well done: "Sana lahat ng traffic enforcer kagaya mo"

Photo from Facebook

Traffic enforcers are usually officers who drivers try to avoid as much as possible. Whenever drivers encounter traffic enforcers, they feel fear or annoyance.

However, a netizen experienced something different recently and unlike the usual Facebook posts where they complain about traffic officers, this one thanked a traffic enforcer.

Caught during coding

A netizen recently posted and was reposted by a Facebook page named Raffy Tulfo Supporters, explaining their experience with a traffic enforcer during coding period.
L.O Quiano / Photo from Facebook

According to the netizen, they were driving on the road when they were stopped by a traffic enforcer. They forgot that they had coding implemented that day and that their vehicle was not allowed on the roads.

The traffic enforcer that stopped them on the road was L.O. Quiano from Pasig. The netizen said that they forgot that it was coding day because they had an emergency to run. They were driving a child to the doctor, and since it was an emergency they forgot about the coding.
Photo from Facebook

Police escort

When Traffic enforcer Quiano was informed that it was an emergency, he asked the driver to turn on the hazard light and offered to escort them to the hospital.

The netizen said that they were able to get to the clinic well and they were happy that the officer did not ask for anything in return.

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“Sana lahat ng traffic enforcer kagaya mo kuya, kasi nakalimutan namin na coding kmi ngayon, nagulat pa kami nung pinara kmi ni kuya, sabi ko pa sir bakit po? Sabi ni kuya mam coding po kayo, sabi ko hala sorry sir nawala sa isip namin na coding kasi kailangan namin dalhin sa doctor itong kasama namin bata emergency lang, si kuya kinuha ang drivers license ko, tapos nagulat ako ang sabi mam mag hazard ka alalayan ko kayo hanggang sa clinic para hindi kayo mahuli ng kasamahan ko sa ibang post. Ayun nakarating kmi dito sa clinic kahit singkong duling wla syang hiningi, thank you sir L.O. Quiano ng pasig ang bait nyo po.”