Nakakaalarmang dulot ng Kinder Joy sa kalusugan ng bata, ibinahagi ng isang Nanay - The Daily Sentry

Nakakaalarmang dulot ng Kinder Joy sa kalusugan ng bata, ibinahagi ng isang Nanay

Isa ba ang anak mo sa mga batang mahilig kumain ng Kinder Joy? Kung oo, dapat mo itong malaman.

Ibinahagi ng isang nagmamalasakit na ina ang sinapit ng kaawa-awa nyang anak dahil umano sa pagkain ng Kinder Joy. Nakumpirma raw nila ito matapos nilang tutukan ng maigi ang mga kinakain ng walang kamalay-malay na bata.

Narito ang buong kwento at mga larawan ng kanyang anak:

One morning (2 Years ago) I wake up to see that entire face of Guru (my son) was swollen, it was 6 am and he was crying in pain.

Shalina Bhargava and I were clueless of what happened and we took him to hospital. Doctor examined him and gave him some medicines (atrax and rantac) and he got ok in 1-2 days.
We thought it was some allergy or some insect bite. But it started growing and started happening 1/week.

We got everything done i.e. Allergy Tests, Blood Tests and whatever is possible in our capacity but nothing came out in tests.

This continued for an year and it was the worst time for both of us and miserable time for Guru coz he was going through pain all the time it happened.

It was then the doctor advised us to keep a check on his food intake. They wanted us to keep a note of anything and everything he consumed.

After 2 weeks we finally discovered the root cause of this disease and it was KINDER JOY.

Its been more than a year now that we don’t let him eat Kinder Joy and he is totally ok now.

It was 2 days ago that I saw a full page advertisement of Kinder Joy in Times of India and it was then I thought of telling you people that don’t let your kid eat this shit.

Kinder Joy is already banned in so many countries; our country might or might not ban it but you can; for the safety of your kid.

Thank You.
PS: Feel Free to inbox me for any query.

Source: Virat Bhargava