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Man who claims to be a time traveller from year 2030 passes lie detector test

Time Traveller who calls himself Noah says that he comes from the future and relays a few things he says are set to happen in the future.
Screencap from Youtube

The interview using a lie detector test was posted on Youtube by Apex TV. The video had over 56 million views and the account has over 100,000 subscribers.

Noah’s face and voice were distorted in order to conceal his identity because he says he had risked his life in order to travel back in time.

The time traveller says that Google Glass-style robotics will spread across the lobe, and that the level of development technology will achieve is to the extent of it being able to run a whole house by itself.

In relation to the current environmental crisis the world is suffering in, he says that global warming will allow North America to become hotter as Europe cools.
 Critics have been quick to claim the test was rigged and that the lie detector (pictured) was not switched on

 In the startling video 'Noah', whose face has been pixelated, says he has risked life and limb to travel back in time

As a defense to why he was able to time travel, he says that this the world was able to achieve in 2028, the same year as humans allegedly reached Mars.

He adds that people have reasonably doubted him, which prompted him to reveal what he knows via a lie detector test.

He says that he has hard evidence to prove what he was saying, however he cannot show it for it might create a paradox. With a lie detector attached, he began to say the list of events to happen in the next 12 years.

The machine recorded all truths in the interview with Noah.

Viewers have called out the interview saying that it was staged.

'All Apex TV does is flash an answer on the screen with a ding noise, that doesn't truly validate the lie detector,' wrote one critic.

You can see Noah fidgeting around with the monitors strapped around his fingers and I myself know from first hand experience that when you take a lie detector test you are supposed to sit back and remain completely still,” commented one person.

Another added: 'You need to show the name of the lie detector and go through the stages of setting up the test."

'2030 is not that far off so what was the name of the president he gave, [they] should be very much alive right now.'

Lie detectors actually do not detected if something is objectively true, rather it shows if what was said was something the person believes to be true.


Source: Mail Online